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"The Double Truth" Podcasts

Bobby Long Double Truth

Bobby Long with Rob Dwyer – DT Vol.5

Well it’s officially the Hollywood 27th of August, and that means a brand new episode of the Double Truth.  As some of you already know, I’ve been extremely busy preparing to launch THE WALK A MILE PROJECT (thewalkamileproject.com goes live this Sunday as a matter…

Voice of Addiction – DT Vol.4

This month’s interview is with Voice of Addiction, the Chicago-based trio who play “Politically Charged & Socially Conscious Rock and Punk.” Voice Of Addiction takes on the attitude that the punk rock revolution instilled in us, but infuses it with genre-mashing breakdowns. Sometimes described as…

Sarah Fimm Indie Recording Artist

Sarah Fimm – DT Vol.3

This month’s interview is with Billboard and Rolling Stone acclaimed indie artist Sarah Fimm! We talk about the phenomenal interaction she has with her fans around the world, the state of independent music today (including the concept of FREE music vs. STOLEN music), and the…

Emmet Swimming & Jonathan Lacocque – DT Vol.2

PART 1: Emmet Swimming This interview took place on-location in Virgina, as I caught up with Todd, Erik, Tamer and Scotty just before they started prepping the stage for a concert. The guys talked about how great it was to put out another song, what…

Harold Dennis - Actor

Harold Dennis – DT Vol.1, Part 3

Chicago-based actor Harold Dennis (Tyrone in PYRITE), gives insight into his crazy life as an independent film actor, including the surprising story of how he started in show business. He also elaborates on several of his projects –past, present, and future.

Phil Doyle Saxophone

Phil Doyle – DT Vol.1, Part 2

The outstanding Saxophonist/Composer shines a light on the Masters program he’s been working on at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, including helping younger students in East St. Louis take their music to the next level. Phil also talks about composing the PYRITE score, and discusses…

Jonathan Lacocque – DT Vol.1, Part 1

Jonathan kicks off the inaugural podcast by discussing A PERFECT SOLDIER, the crazy project we worked on together starting in 2005 known as PYRITE (Co-Producer), and the upcoming FTD Documentary (Director of Photography). We also philosophize a bit on indie filmmaking and how to combat…

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