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Category Archives:

Racism Philosophy

Black Lives Matter

Eric Garner Grand Jury

Above the Law: Ferguson and Eric Garner

Today it’s back to one of my least favorite topics: the police. And I don’t say that out of disrespect, because I always stand by my refrain that a good officer of the law is one of the most honorable people you will ever meet.…

The Ferguson Grand Jury

Two quick things to start this off… First, the End Racism Blog is supposed to be in a brief 2-3 months hiatus while I launch The Walk a Mile Project (focused on truth in media, how appropriate during this time of unprecedented mass media manipulation),…

2014 World Cup

Racism In The World Cup

How To Fight Racism in The World Cup I’ll confess flat out here that I’m not a fan of futbol, or soccer if you will. I played it as a child for a couple of years, and certainly enjoyed it, but the sport just never…

dodgeball movie

If You Can Dodge a Wrench, You Can Dodge a Ball…

Dodgeball Movie | How “Speaking Out” Gets Easier… Unless this just happens to be the first thing you’ve ever read here at Hollywood27.com, I’m sure you’re well aware that I actively encourage speaking out against racism. I wrote a book for those who want to…

How to stop racism

A Litmus Test for Racism?

It is November 4th, 2013, and the PYRITE DVD launch is just over two weeks away! More importantly, however, it’s time for me to start talkin’ it up out here and to start doing my part to change the world. I’ll be back with more…

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