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PYRITE CD Soundtrack

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Buy the PYRITE DVD and CD together at a discount.


A white youth fights racism within his own family, while a single African-American mom in Cabrini Green struggles to give her two boys a better life. Their paths intersect on a hot summer day when racial tension reaches its boiling point.

Pyrite follows the story of Curt Swain (Nick Lewis) the summer after his high school graduation, as he struggles with the clash of his ideals, his family’s prejudice, and the truth.

At the same time, Tomika Banks (Traci Prince) fights for a better life as she raises her two boys in the housing project they call home, while trying to protect them from an old friend-turned-dealer (Harold Dennis) who now runs the neighborhood.

With a solid Chicago cast and on-location shooting all over the city, Pyrite takes you from the near west ‘burbs to Cabrini Green to the West Side. It’s a gritty, Chicago urban drama from start to finish — a hard-hitting and honest story dealing with racism like it’s never been dealt with before onscreen.

Pyrite boasts a new 5.1 Dolby Digital sound mix, including Foley work by Alex Ullrich (part of the Academy Award winning team from The Hurt Locker), and features music from Ike and Tina Turner, DMX, Morcheeba, Cabrini Green rap artists, a musical score by Chicago saxophone sensation Phil Doyle, and the brand new track Same as Me, written and performed by Emmet Swimming.

NOTE: This film is not rated, and contains some violence and profanity.

SPECIAL FEATURES (Dolby Digital Stereo)
The Making of Pyrite – A mini-documentary on the film formerly known as Fool’s Gold, starting with the short story written in 1991, and culminating in the 2013 DVD release.

The Blazen Platform – A short film showcasing how the Crew (and even some of the Cast) created an EL platform in the Director of Photography’s backyard and pulled off a miracle!

Deleted Scenes – Three deleted scenes, including the original opening filmed at The Buzz Cafe in Oak Park, Illinois.

Outtakes and Blooper Reel

Trailer – Featuring music by Raise (from Photograph Stereo) and Allan Mesia.


The PYRITE soundtrack kicks off with the brand new original song “Same as Me” written and performed for the film by Emmet Swimming, and includes the full original score by composer Phil Doyle (plus 3 bonus songs), and original songs from Chicago rap artists Macnard, K-So, and Hardcore.

PYRITE Soundtrack Track Listing

  1. Same as Me – emmet swimming

  2. You Gotta Take Risks – Phil Doyle

  3. Long Summer – Phil Doyle

  4. Spiraling – Phil Doyle

  5. I’m Done – Phil Doyle

  6. Just Let Him Go – Phil Doyle

  7. X – Phil Doyle

  8. Cornucopia Blues – Phil Doyle

  9. Last Calm – Phil Doyle

  10. Fool’s Gold – Phil Doyle

  11. Broken Promise – Phil Doyle

  12. Caddywumpus – Phil Doyle

  13. The Wrong Alley – Phil Doyle

  14. Run – Phil Doyle (with Tim Daisy)

  15. Turn Around – Phil Doyle

  16. Reality and Consequence – Phil Doyle

  17. April 4th, 1968 – Phil Doyle

  18. Joseph’s Pain – Phil Doyle

  19. Lost Son – Phil Doyle

  20. Go Town – K-So and Hardcore

  21. Stank – K-So

  22. Dream – Macnard


  1. Graduation Clouds – Phil Doyle

  2. Warehouse Livin’ – Phil Doyle

  3. Goodbye to Jonas – Phil Doyle


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