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Fight The Power – PYRITE Trailer #4

It is absolutely amazing to me the hurdles one can run into when simply trying to make a movie about racism. Let me one up that, to make a movie about racism and then promote that movie about racism as well.

I’ve seen some bull**** over the past 17 years since I started Hollywood 27, but it’s the things that have happened in 2014-15 that might have irritated me the most. Let’s get to it. Get your popcorn ready…

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Amazon Payments Option Now Available in Hollywood 27 Store

We understand — making an online purchase from a small company can be a little nerve-wracking at times!  So in another effort to boost the comfort and security of our online store, Hollywood 27 has added Amazon Payments as a safe, secure payment option for all purchases.

Effective today, December 4th 2014, just add any item to your Cart, and you’ll see the Pay With Amazon option.

This new payment method, coupled with our original PayPal payment option and our Trustify Certifications, makes the Hollywood 27 Store a safer place to shop than ever before.

So if you’re looking to score your own copy of PYRITE, order with confidence.  Click here to visit the updated H27 Store, and thanks for supporting independent film!

How to stop racism

Hollywood 27 Launches End Racism Blog: The Double Truth

After months of preparation, Hollywood 27 officially rolls out its END RACISM BLOG: THE DOUBLE TRUTH this week. According to the company, its blog’s purpose is “to reduce all the noise and confusion continually surrounding the issue of racism, empowering each person to speak out and join the fight.”

Phoenix writer/filmmaker Eric Battersby creates the vast majority of content, and his mission is clear. “There are so many books, articles and blogs on racism today,” Battersby says, “with most of them either written specifically for a very well-educated demographic, or just written with too harsh or soft a tone.

I think there is a very large void right now. Our End Racism Blog, and all the free guides plus the book coming out this Fall, they’re all designed to reach as many people as possible. It’s time to hit the ground running and make a difference here, not just keep talking on soapboxes.”

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End Racism

Hollywood 27 Releases The 3 Steps to Fighting Everyday Racism

Days before the official launch of their “End Racism Blog – The Double Truth”, Hollywood 27 Productions releases the first of multiple guides on combating racism: “The 3 Steps to Fighting Everyday Racism.”

The guide helps individuals focus on making a difference in their own lives, empowering more people to speak out and act against racism.

“What I’m doing right now is the culmination of one and a half decades of work and preparation. This first 10-minute guide is the launch point for our final phase.” says writer/director Eric Battersby.

“When I opened the doors at Hollywood 27 sixteen years ago, the long term goal was always to put forth every effort possible to fight racism… and to one day end racism altogether.”

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Martin Luther King Jr Trailer: PYRITE Trailer #3

The Martin Luther King Jr Trailer for PYRITE. In this more experimental preview, the content largely focuses on Chicago’s West Side and the havoc wreaked shortly after Martin Luther King Jr’s murder back in April 1968. I edited this one personally, and it’s my way of paying homage to the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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The front porch scene almost ready to go, for the independent movie PYRITE, filmed on location in Forest Park, IL

Filmmaker Draws on Proviso East Experiences

DVD explores race in Chicago through the eyes of a high school student

By Jean Lotus

Editor – Forest Park Review

Eric Battersby, 42, grew up in Forest Park and his experiences as a white student in the 1980s at Proviso East High School changed how he felt about race from an early age, he said.

“Going to Proviso when I did, I got the chance to be in the minority for eight hours a day,” he said. “That changes perspective quickly.”Battersby has just released Pyrite, a feature-length film on DVD that, he says, tackles the issue of racism in Chicago and the near suburbs.

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GMOs and Monsanto March

The Walk A Mile Project Kicks Off This Saturday…

On Saturday May 25th, 2013, we’ll take our first ever step in the Walk A Mile Project!  Over the next 3-4 months I’ll be elaborating more and more on the project, and as soon as the website is up-and-running, we’ll get the word out.  In the meantime, however, I’d like to officially announce our Project One — Discovering the Truth Behind GMOs in Our Food Supply.  If you’re interested in recording any of the March Against Monsanto events around the world, or if you’re attending the event in Tempe and would like to assist directly, please email me ASAP at h27@hollywood27.com.  Thanks!

Click Below To Download Your Free PDF: The 3 Steps to Fighting Everyday Racism

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