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DT Vol.5: Bobby Long w/Rob Dwyer

Bobby Long Double Truth

Bobby Long with Rob Dwyer – DT Vol.5

Well it’s officially the Hollywood 27th of August, and that means a brand new episode of the Double Truth.  As some of you already know, I’ve been extremely busy preparing to launch THE WALK A MILE PROJECT (thewalkamileproject.com goes live this Sunday as a matter of fact), so for the past several weeks, I’ve had two outstanding interns from ASU (Arizona State University) helping with Hollywood 27 Alternative Radio, as well as the Double Truth.

So for August, you’ll be listening to Rosie Lopez and her best friend Juliana Scholle , as they essentially crash the Crescent Ballroom here in Phoenix just before Bobby Long’s concert.

The audio is a tad rougher than normal, but completely listenable, and although this certainly wasn’t Rosie’s first interview (she works for State Press at ASU), it was her first interview intended for a podcast.  So please bear with her and Juliana as they work they through the interview.

It’s a bit of a raw podcast, but I think you’ll really enjoy it — and you’ll be hard-pressed to listen to it and not gain a new-found respect for both Bobby and Rob — they really come across as great guys.


Rob Dwyer



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