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Martin Luther King Jr Trailer: PYRITE Trailer #3

Martin Luther King Jr Trailer: PYRITE Trailer #3

The Martin Luther King Jr Trailer for PYRITE. In this more experimental preview, the content largely focuses on Chicago’s West Side and the havoc wreaked shortly after Martin Luther King Jr’s murder back in April 1968. I edited this one personally, and it’s my way of paying homage to the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The song here is actually titled ‘April 4th, 1968’ — one of Phil Doyle’s best songs off the entire Pyrite soundtrack. Listen to the song by itself, and I swear you can see 1968 in your head… it’s a great work by Phil.  See a nation in pain and cities in massive upheaval over the terrible tragedy that was MLK’s murder. You can feel the horrible destruction that followed.

In the trailer itself, the solid performance by Chicago’s own Arch Harmon certainly doesn’t hurt either.

For much more information on this video, check it out on our YouTube channel by clicking the link below. Thanks for watching!

Martin Luther King Jr — How to Stop Racism Discussions on MLK in the Independent Film PYRITE

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