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Bouncing Around Chicago

What looks like one area on screen is often 2, 3… even 4 places, as with our West Side location in the film.  Yes, we actually shot that sequence in 4 different areas around the city, and here with the PICTURES section broken out by location, you can really see where we were for each segment.

It’s actually 6 if you count the Joseph flashback, as we filmed those scenes in two additional places, including the building you see being torn down in one of the pics here.  That building was actually an old Catholic Schools building that was miraculously being torn down right at the edge of downtown Chicago, and at the exact time we were looking for a place to film some windows breaking — well, windows breaking from rocks thrown into them specifically.

My favorites, of course, are the fun pics from the days we filmed near the Ravenswood El stop on the North Side.  Zombies anyone???

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