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On-Location: Forest Park

Yes we filmed all over Chicago, but this entire project began in Forest Park, my hometown.  We even took it a step further, filming the Swain exteriors and even part of the interiors at the house I grew up in… even though my family hadn’t lived there for years.

Extra special kudos to Lisa Haeger for allowing us to film on Marengo, and a shout out to her awesome daughter Lauren who loved being on the set even more than any of us in the Cast or Crew.  We had a great time filming at the place I for so many years called home.

The scenes just outside the train station were also unique, in that when I wrote the screenplay, that train station was the exact location I had in my head as I wrote.  There was nowhere else, outside of the opening scene to the film, that held that distinction.

I did not, however, envision Rob Skrocki’s coat getting caught on the bench in the middle of a take outside the station, which was one of the funniest impromptu moments of the entire production.  You can see that sequence in the Blooper Reel/Outtakes on the PYRITE DVD.

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