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On-Location: Oak Park

In one way, filming in Oak Park was my favorite part of the entire production run, but only because I was living there at the time and was usually within 5 minutes of our shooting location .  For the first few pictures here, night time in downtown Oak Park, I actually walked about 1/2 a block to the set.  Now that was a refreshing change from gallavanting all over the city for the majority of the film.

Although there is only one picture of it here, we wrapped principal shooting at my favorite coffee house on Earth, The Buzz Cafe.  If you ever find yourself in Oak Park, stop at The Buzz — you won’t regret it.

Even though it was the only day of shooting when I was sick, it was still a blast, as we had a ton of friends show up to populate The Buzz for us, and PK and RJ pulled off a nice practical joke on everyone as well.

You can see the Buzz Cafe deleted scene, and even the practical joke, in the PYRITE DVD Extras.

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