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On-Location: Proviso East

Shooting at Proviso East was one of my favorite moments of production — we actually spent 3+ days there when all was said and done.  And I went back to my high school alma mater, not only to film, but to cast.  Then-current student Justin Williams was signed to play the role of Derek, and I really enjoyed giving props to the school that greatly contributed to the person I am today.

Unfortunately, our biggest day there was also the very first day of production, and we had some serious technical glitches with it being day one.  We did re-shoots to fix everything, which turned out much better than the original shoot did anyway, but we wound up with very few pictures from Proviso.  Yeah, that kinda sucks, but some pictures are still better than no pictures.  Thankfully we have some good stuff on the DVD Extras from Proviso to make up for it.

The highlights here are PA Phil Martin singing on the old school mic, and Producer Jonathan Lacocque giving a LOUD bird call while promoting diversity.  OK, so you can’t hear a bird call in a picture, but come on, trust me… it was funny.  Really.

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