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DT Vol.2: Emmet Swimming & Jon Lacocque

Emmet Swimming & Jonathan Lacocque – DT Vol.2

PART 1: Emmet Swimming

This interview took place on-location in Virgina, as I caught up with Todd, Erik, Tamer and Scotty just before they started prepping the stage for a concert.

The guys talked about how great it was to put out another song, what life has been like post-Epic, and they pretty much opened up about how the entire Epic deal went down.

The interview was filled with much, much laughter, making this podcast one for the ages.  Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it!

Emmet Swimming

PART 2: Jonathan Lacocque (part 2 of 2)

In this finale to the 2-part interview I did with Jonathan for Double Truth Vol. 1, Jonathan gives the lowdown on his new post-production company COAT OF ARMS, talks about his involvement on indie musician Matisyahu’s LIVE AT STUBBS, VOL. 2, and provides an update on his own project, A PERFECT SOLDIER.

Jonathan Lacocque's Coat of Arms


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